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Artel Video Systems at VidTrans19 Conference & Expo


At the VidTrans19 Conference & Expo, Artel will highlight its SMART Media Delivery Platform‘s network resiliency and operational simplicity with new software-defined functionality, feature flexibility, and integrated Layer 2 and Layer 3 network routing capabilities, which enable reliable and accurate video, audio, and data transport as well as interoperability with other IP-based solutions. Designed to attach seamlessly to the IP network without the need for external network elements, the SMART Platform supports SMPTE ST 2022: 1, 2, 5, 6, 7 e switchless; QoS; VLAN tagging; è di u trafficu. A solu solu SMART hè software-permessa, chì furnisce una facilità è efficienta di a facilità per aghjunghje o funzione d'aghjurnamentu via software download.

Artel will also use the SMART Media Delivery Platform in a live JPEG 2000 Ultra-Low Latency (J2K ULL) technology demonstration with Evertz; Grass Valley, a Belden Brand; and Media Links. The demonstration will take place in the exhibit hall during VidTrans and will feature compatible implementations of VSF TR-01:2018 (released last June) between the four companies.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/Artel/ArtelVideoSystems-SMARTMediaDeliveryPlatform.jpeg
Photo Caption: Artel Video Systems‘ SMART Media Delivery Platform™

Bridging the Gap for Media Over IP Quarra PTP Ethernet Switches
At the VidTrans19 Conference & Expo, Artel will highlight the SMPTE ST 2110 compatibility and AES67 audio-over-IP accuracy capabilities of its Quarra PTP Ethernet switches. The Quarra family of PTP-enabled switches offers the industryXCHARXs most accurate IEEE 1588-compliant timing and synchronization. The switches support SMPTE ST 2110 and ST 2059-2, permitting interoperable use of IP-based media equipment with conventional genlocked SDI equipment. They are RAVENNA AES67-approved and Dante- and QSC-tested. Quarra switches are designed for audio/video broadcast, defense and security, finance, utilities, telecom, and enterprise IT applications that require accurate timing and control.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/Artel/ArtelVideoSystems-Quarra-10G-PTP-Ethernet-Switch-Front.jpeg
Photo Caption: Artel Video SystemsXCHARX Quarra 10G PTP Ethernet Switch

Utilizà i repertorii amministrativi cù u Sistema d'Streaming IP ARQ
A nicissità per una entragia affidativa di media di alta qualità per internet, satellitu, micru, o altri servizii di a banda larga hè in l'alzà in esports, broadcasting, campus networks è altre applicazioni OTT cummerciale. U ARQ IP Streaming System da Artel utilitate Affidate Internet Streaming Transport (RIST) -services basati per l'applicazioni di video OTT. A cunfigurazione di u sistema ARQ hè simplice è l'utilizatori puderanu scalfittura u sistema in increments unica stream à accuncià rapidamenti novi flussi per furnisce un UDP unicast e multicast services.

At VidTrans19 Artel will be participating in the RIST technology demonstration through the use of real-time, contribution-quality video streams exchanged over the public internet between Marina del Rey and ArtelXCHARXs R&D facilities in Westford, Massachusetts.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/Artel/ArtelVideoSystems-ARQ-IP-Streaming-System.jpeg
Photo Caption: Artel Video Systems‘ ARQ IP Streaming System

Panorama di a Società:
Artel Video Systems Hè un suministru di prublema di ricerca innovadora è realità mediateca delivery solutions serving global markets. Today, most live events in the U.S. traverse Artel products to support their mission-critical workflows. ArtelXCHARXs expertise in IP- and fiber-based technologies spans more than 30 years and has established Artel as a trusted partner in the development of reliable, standards-based IP infrastructures. ArtelXCHARXs integrated solutions include precision timing, IP-and fiber-based mediateca partenza, networking di dati è sistemi OTT. Artel hè un mistieru di pruprietà. Aktar infurmazione hè dispunibule à Www.artel.com.

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VidTrans19 Conference & Expo
Feb. 26-28
Artel Video Systems
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